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  • Causes of insufficient tensile force of silica gel products

    In some fields, there are very high requirements for the tensile strength and toughness of silica gel products, which mainly need to maintain the tensile toughness of silica gel products, especially in the manufacturing industry, once there is insufficient tensile strength in the mechanical industry, the rebound damping failure will bring serious problems to rubber polyurethane products manufacturers. Today, we will solve the problem of insufficient tensile force of silica gel products from two

  • Factors affecting silica gel sealing products and Solutions

    The silica gel sealing ring in silica gel sealing products is stuck for a long time and pressed and extruded by metal. After frequent stress, the silica gel sealing ring will not rebound and will not be stressed. Some sealing rings are used in harsh environment for a long time, such as aging under the action of oxygen, heat and light, which will change the sealing ring phase of various oil cylinders. Therefore, in the early stage, the use environment and time of silica gel sealing ring We need t

  • What are the properties of polyurethane rubber?

    (1) excellent wear resistance: the wear resistance is very high among all rubbers. The laboratory test results show that the wear resistance of ur is 3-5 times of that of natural rubber, and it is often up to 10 times in practical application.(2) polyurethane dust ring has high strength and good elasticity in the hardness range from shore A60 to shore A70.(3) good cushioning and shock absorption. At room temperature, ur shock absorber can absorb 10% ~ 20% vibration energy. The higher the vibrati

  • What are the categories of natural rubber?

    Natural rubber can be divided into two categories according to its shape: solid natural rubber (film and granular rubber) and concentrated latex. In daily use, solid natural rubber accounts for most of the proportion.According to the different manufacturing process and shape, the film can be divided into smoke film adhesive, air drying film, white wrinkle film, brown wrinkle film, etc. Tobacco flake rubber is a representative variety of natural rubber, which has been widely used in large quantit

  • Differences between domestic and imported silicone tubes

    Domestic and imported silicone tubes are made of imported raw materials, such as Dow Corning of the United States and shinyue of Japan. The products have passed ROHS and FDA international environmental protection level professional tests, with good anti yellowing performance at high temperature. The transparency of products after vulcanization is close to full transparency, tasteless after one extrusion vulcanization, and no need to add sulfur twice under the condition of one silicone strip, whi

  • Classification of automobile rubber products and its role in automobile

    The rapid development of China's automobile industry promotes the development of other related industries, especially rubber industry. In recent years, rubber products for automobiles have developed into a unique specialized product industry. Automobile rubber products are the important component of the indispensable rubber parts manufacturers in automobile accessories. There are about 100-200 kinds of rubber products installed on each car, and about 200-500 rubber accessories are used. In a

  • What applications can polyurethane rubber be used in

    First of all, it can be applied to the plastic track and field sports venues, including basketball, volleyball, badminton and tennis venues, there are two types of indoor and outdoor. This kind of plastic site has a longer use time than wood floor, and it is wear-resistant, oil-resistant, weather-resistant and aging elastic, with good shock absorption performance and honest bonding through the base course. Polyurethane rubber has excellent oil resistance, so it is also used as oil resistant roll

  • Introduction to natural properties of natural rubber

    Generally speaking, the natural rubber refers to the elastic solid that is made from the natural latex collected from the rubber tree of Brazil and processed by coagulation, drying and other processes. Natural rubber is a kind of natural high molecular compound with cis-1,4-polyisoprene as the main component. Its molecular formula is (c5h8) n. its rubber hydrocarbon (cis-1,4-polyisoprene) content is more than 90%, and it also contains a small amount of protein, fatty acid, sugar and ash.Physical

  • What are the influencing factors on the selection and service life of rubber polyurethane products manufacturers?

    What are the influencing factors on the selection and service life of rubber polyurethane products manufacturers?Rubber sealing ring is one of the sealing rings. So, for this kind of material seal, in the selection, what should we specifically consider? And, what about its service life? Or what is it about? These questions, for us, are not clear and clear, so below, all kinds of cylinder sealing rings to explain and answer well, to eliminate everyone's doubts.1. Relevant factors of rubber se

  • The research and development ability of seal ring manufacturers is shown in three aspects

    The research and development ability of seal ring manufacturers is shown in three aspects1. for the design of the static sealing system, the sealing ring products made of plant fiber and asbestos are gradually cancelled, but for the sealing of chemical polymer materials, they are not widely used in some liquid static sealing devices. At present, the domestic hydraulic rubber sealing ring and anaerobic rubber sealing ring can be used in the comparison of domestic sealing ring brands of the hydrau

  • What should be paid attention to when seal ring is used by seal ring manufacturer

    What should be paid attention to when seal ring is used by seal ring manufacturerThe sealing ring is one of the sealing rings, which is also widely used in the sealing ring. It has the advantages of good sealing performance, simple structure, low cost, convenient installation and strong applicability. Seal ring manufacturers summarized the following seal ring should pay attention to those aspects!I. seal ring information and working pressure:Seal ring information is also very sensitive to workin

  • Application scope of rubber polyurethane products manufacturers

    Application scope of rubber polyurethane products manufacturersProduct introduction:1. Good expansion water stop effect, which can resist 1.2MPa water pressure2. Simple and convenient construction3. It has good cohesiveness to many foundation surfaces such as concrete4. Excellent durability and durable waterproof5. Non toxic and safe, environmental protection products6. EconomyPerformance features:(1) excellent wear resistance;(2) low tenderness and softness;(3) wide adjustable range of performa


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