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Causes of insufficient tensile force of silica gel products

In some fields, there are very high requirements for the tensile strength and toughness of silica gel products, which mainly need to maintain the tensile toughness of silica gel products, especially in the manufacturing industry, once there is insufficient tensile strength in the mechanical industry, the rebound damping failure will bring serious problems to rubber polyurethane products manufacturers. Today, we will solve the problem of insufficient tensile force of silica gel products from two aspects.

1. Machine modulation

In the molding process of silica gel products manufacturers, the debugging and cooperation of machines have certain influence. Sometimes, in the process of vulcanization, in order to improve the output and increase the production efficiency, the staff will reduce the vulcanization time, and the products will soften. In order to increase the output, the temperature should be increased under the premise of reducing the time to reach a certain balance rate, or the products will have various adverse phenomena It is suggested to properly control the product time and curing temperature in the production process.

2. Coordination of raw materials

For raw materials, common silica gel will have some problems, such as the service life is not up to standard, toughness is poor, rebound is insufficient. Too much silicone oil and white carbon black are added to silica raw materials, resulting in the performance confusion, the silicon atom in the silicone resin is destroyed, the softness is reduced, the viscosity phenomenon occurs, the softness and fluidity are not good, resulting in the reduction of the tensile strength of the product after high-temperature molding, the product will not be reflected after the completion of production, but after a period of use in various environmental conflicts, it will be one by one The deformation of the product, the decrease of rebound rate and the stickiness of the product appear gradually.

In the production process, except for machine, raw materials, human, environment and other factors, the toughness of silica gel products will not have quality problems, so silica gel products manufacturers control these factors in the production process, the product quality will not have problems basically!

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