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What are the influencing factors on the selection and service life of rubber polyurethane products manufacturers?

What are the influencing factors on the selection and service life of rubber polyurethane products manufacturers?

Rubber sealing ring is one of the sealing rings. So, for this kind of material seal, in the selection, what should we specifically consider? And, what about its service life? Or what is it about? These questions, for us, are not clear and clear, so below, all kinds of cylinder sealing rings to explain and answer well, to eliminate everyone's doubts.

1. Relevant factors of rubber seal selection

For the important and important work of rubber seal selection, in its specific consideration, or related factors, the main thing is that there are working conditions, sealing forms and sealing materials, etc., in addition, there is its installation structure, which can not be ignored.

Generally speaking, the working condition of rubber seal includes temperature, pressure and medium. So, let's explain it in detail.

In terms of temperature, the working temperature range is different for different rubber types. Therefore, it should be determined according to the specific situation. In terms of pressure, if it is low pressure and medium pressure, there is no problem in using rubber or polyurethane. However, pay attention to the form of the seal as it will have an impact. As for the media, it is mainly on some small issues, such as the specific application industry and media type, while others are nothing.

2. Factors affecting the service life of rubber seals

The service life of rubber seals is mainly related to the materials used and working conditions. Moreover, if the rubber type is different, the wear degree of the seal is different under different working conditions. In addition, the accuracy of product workmanship, as well as the mechanical fit, etc., will also have an impact. Therefore, comprehensive consideration should be made to determine accurately.

For rubber seals, the above two aspects can be said to be very important and basic. Therefore, we should take them seriously and carry out them in order to grasp them in time, so as to do a good job in the actual work of these two aspects, select the appropriate rubber seals, and ensure their service life, so as to improve their use effect.


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